Sand Dunes, Sea and Friends – Sardegna

July 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

One of the Prettiest aspects of the town of Chia are it’s beautiful white sandy beaches and its crystal clear turquoise sea.

There are about 5 different beaches that stretch out onto the coastline, enclosed by spectacular sand dunes. To maintain this scenery the comune of Chia has placed a protection clause over them which asks people not to walk over the (fair enough). Some of the beaches are private and others are public, with my best friends Chichi and Carina we decided to venture in both areas, and to be honest to the only main difference (and this is our fault)  was that when we went to the public ones we ended up carbonized by the scorching sun as we didnt own a portable umbrella…LESSON LEARNT AND NOTED!

Both my friends were shocked by how clean the water is, which as I stated before in the post below, is because there arent many yachts in the area to litter the place and also there seems to be some kind  of water current that keeps dirt at bay!

 I strongly recommend you travel to this beautiful part of Sardegna and visit CHIA!

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