iPhone goes to Sardegna

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Here is a selection of photos taken with my iPhone of the magical southern part of Sardegna, right now are I write this Im in Athens hanging out with a friend before heading to Mykonos.

Exploring the Torre of Baia Chia – Sardegna

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All of Sadegna’s coast line has scattered towers surrounding it. These towers were built back in the medieval times as a defensive and communication system between one an other.  From were we were staying we could see a tower over the Bay of Chia (Baia Chia), we decided to go explore it as since I’ve been coming here, I’m ashamed to admit it (10 years) I have never step foot on it. So clad of car and Chichi we started our decent to the Torre. You will see in the following pictures the fantastic view it has, especially from right on top of it!

The Torre of Baia Chia was built in 1639 and these are its coordinate 38°53′43″N 8°53′06″E

Going down

This is what the tower looks like from where we were staying!

Sand Dunes, Sea and Friends – Sardegna

July 5, 2012 § 2 Comments

One of the Prettiest aspects of the town of Chia are it’s beautiful white sandy beaches and its crystal clear turquoise sea.

There are about 5 different beaches that stretch out onto the coastline, enclosed by spectacular sand dunes. To maintain this scenery the comune of Chia has placed a protection clause over them which asks people not to walk over the (fair enough). Some of the beaches are private and others are public, with my best friends Chichi and Carina we decided to venture in both areas, and to be honest to the only main difference (and this is our fault)  was that when we went to the public ones we ended up carbonized by the scorching sun as we didnt own a portable umbrella…LESSON LEARNT AND NOTED!

Both my friends were shocked by how clean the water is, which as I stated before in the post below, is because there arent many yachts in the area to litter the place and also there seems to be some kind  of water current that keeps dirt at bay!

 I strongly recommend you travel to this beautiful part of Sardegna and visit CHIA!

Finally back in Sardegna

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After almost a year going by, I am so happy to say that I finally made my way back to one of my favorite places in the world: Sardegna. Precisely in the southern part of the island in a town called Chia. Followed by my two best friends Chichi and Carina. When I was a child, Milly used to take me to the Norther Part of the Island, where the more famous towns are located: Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. The memory has kept my fondness alive for this place and will always be part of me in some way. Unfortunately though over the years, both towns have dramatically changed for the worse, what I remember is a long lost mirage of how things used to be. Im going to break it down for you in points:

Everything has been over crowded:

1)houses over built

2) beaches with masses of tourist

3) the once turquoise sea can hardly be seen as so many yachts are parked in front of the various bays!

4)Exorbitant prices, everywhere. From hotels to restaurants, you are asked to pay ridiculous sums, for a quaint bedroom and a typical italian meal (there are exceptions of course, but most seem to go the other route)

Personally I think: a real life nightmare.

Fortunately the south of Sardegna is a whole different story. And this is why once Milly step foot here 10 years ago she decided to always come back!  Here is why this place is OH SO SPECIAL and YOU MUST COME HERE ASAP!

1) Chia is located in a natural protected area, which means no other buildings than the few already standing will be built. Hence not a huge amount of people living there to compete with for beach space ;)

2)Chia compromises of a couple of cute hotels and the Chia Laguna Resort which has all sorts of amenities, pools,restaurants and beach, plus its very Family Friendly

2)The white sandy beaches with it’s sea water is so pristinely clean and transparent that you will actually start thinking you are in the Caribbean

3) The restaurants are decently priced, over all each meal we had at Good and Elegant places (CADADIE AND LUNA) was about 30 Euros each with wine and dessert

4)There isnt’ a near by port for a while so no yachts seem to stop in front of the beautiful white sandy beaches.

5)The reservoirs found in Chia are home of hundreds of pink flamingoes, that fly over you while at the beach, a pretty unusual sight!

6) The place never get too overcrowded untill mid-august when all italians go on holiday, it’s not unbearable especially if you stay in the resort/hotel, but you might want to go there from end of may to mid august and then again September!

To get to Chia you have to fly to CAGLIARI, there are lots of daily flights throughout Europe and also Russia! 

Click here to view the link of the CHIA LAGUNA RESORT 

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