Milly’s review on Hypnosis – the cure for phobias

January 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

Today I want to bring up a subject that is popular amongst travelers even if they are brave and win themselves: fear of flying!
I have been flying on planes since as early as I can remember, in the 1960′s one flew all dressed up just like you would see in Pan Am starring Christina Ricci. Then as the years went by, this habit gave way to a more casual and comfortable look and I do recall people flying in their track suits as if they were about to go to the gym! But I don’t want to bore you about the flying trends of the past forty years but I just would like to help out those, like me, who have at one stage, without a reason in the world developed a fear of flying. It can be the fear of the engine breaking, fear of a terrorist attack or simply, like me, fear of being trapped for hours in an infernal flying device counting the minutes to touch down.
My fear was so deeply established that days before a flight I would lie sleepless for hours tossing and turning in my bed as I imagined the worst scenarios: me having a panic attack and running through the aisle like a lunatic begging to make an emergency landing, or me stuck in between two overweight people without being able to make it to the toilet in case I needed it, and so forth. I decided I had to find a solution after all my technics had not really worked: reading a ton of magazines to distract myself, watch a movie after the other, listen to Vivaldi’s Fours Seasons blasting in my earphones and just getting ridiculously tipsy or drowsy with sleeping tablets.
I found my solution while I was flying from New York to Paris: an article on a wonderful magazine called Easy Living U.K.  was describing the successful resolution of a girl’s fear of dogs. There she was hugging her Bull Mastiff as the article described how only seeing a dog across the street would make her quiver in anguish. So what had she done? Hypnosis! One hour and a half session at Harley Street, London and this girl was over her dog fear! As I read this information, I tore the page and as soon as I could navigate I checked out the web site. Contacted the studio by email and explained what I was afraid of. I got a reply and made two appointments as the doctor suggested that one session might not be enough.
So I went, cannot hide I had a lot of apprehension, but made my way to Harley Street and was greeted by a lovely 50 something man,  SNLP Steve Witchett who explained what hypnosis was. Simply a reprogramming of our unconscious mind to help it delete and eliminate forever a fear of something. I sat there and did as he told me, closed my eyes and listened to his suggestions. I was totally relaxed, don’t recall what he was saying but remember that when he asked to move my little finger I did, which meant I was still in control of my will. So I returned a week later had my second session and felt ready to head at the airport!
Since that day I have flown a coupe of times to Paris, to Milan, London Bangkok, Chiang Rai and I felt as I had when fear of flying hadn’t showed up to ruin my travels.
So here’s the in case you or anyone you know needs a little helping hand to overcome their fear! Bon Voyage!!


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