Stunning Rooms at Jashita

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This was the impeccable design of our rooms during our stay at the Jashita Hotel! We absolutely loved it!

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Jashita Hotel Review

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After our lovely stay at the BE TULUM hotel we made our way to another little oasis: the Jashita Hotel…This eco friendly splendid Hotel was the perfect next step for our trip.

Run by an Italian, the hotel’s interior has an impeccable taste. Milly kept marvelling to how similar our place in Sardegna is. We simply loved it. From the beach area to the tea area, everything was beautiful. To not talk about the pretty rooms, all linen bed sheets, modern sleek bathrooms, and personalize pool area on terrace. Being less than 30 accomodations, you end up feeling like you are staying over at a friends villa rather than a hotel.


We really think it would be alovely place to rent out for a party or with a big group of friends. Also they have a separate Villa just for that!

The restaurant of the hotel was absolutely delicious, with half a menu serving local dishes and the other half focussing on traditional Italian cuisine, we had some fabulous meals. Mily’s favorite was the Zucchini pasta! A Must try!

The beach located in an internal protected area gives on to a super placid sea surrounded by the reef.  There you can enjoy different activities like canoeing and snorkeling!

We definetely want to head back here in the near future and bring along some more friends!

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Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 12.20.48 PM

For our trip to the Riviera Maya we decided to start off  staying at the furthest point available in Tulum on the map and work our way back to Cancun.
So our first stop was the BE TULUM hotel, located literally at the end the main off the beach road!
Getting there wasn’t the easiest as we were exhausted from the  flight from london, and Tulum is a 1:30hr drive from the Airport.
But once we got our bearings we arrived safely in this little heaven.
Waking up was wonderful, having arrived by night and not knowing really what to expect, we were blown away by their stunning beach backdrop at breakfast.
YES! :) 
The whole hotel has a very chilled out vibe to it. The rooms are garden bungalows with a private pool and deck, where your left to feel as if your in the middle of a jungle. A couple of meters up a small hill theres the restaurant and dining area, and pool and bar. All of which give on to the famous beautiful white sandy beach. It’s the highlight of the hotel, with its soft giant sunbeds,  one really can spread out relax and enjoy the warm sunshine! We absolutely loved hanging out there! The other highlight of the hotel was the delicious food, from breakfast to dinner the quality of our meals were sublime and super fresh. As you can see a couple of posts down our favorite plate was the Tuna Tartars, but as I said most of the food was absolutely mouthwatering. Also they have a wide array of fresh juices that will ensure to keep you quenched during the hottest hours of the day (our personal favorite, was the carrot, celery, pineapple and apple one!)
Everything about this hotel was great, and we will definitely keep it in our MUST GO BACK list. 
NO :(  The only minor details that let us down were: The lights in the room (especially mine) were super low, even in the bathroom which can be annoying for those who like reading. We found the sheets to feel a bit too synthetic (not sure if it was a result of the washing powder). The shrubs surrounding each villa/bungalow should be slightly more thick to allow total privacy, in the evening I did feel like anyone walkin by my room could probably see inside. 
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Aman Sveti Stefan – Review

October 9, 2012 § 3 Comments

Sveti Stefan literally means Stefan’s island. It’s indeed an island you access via a long walk way from the main land. We were greeted by friendly staff and showed into our deluxe room by walking through quaint cobbled lanes.The room is in fact a fisherman’s ex-dwelling redecorated into a 5 star luxury resort room, spacious and comfortable with beautiful views of the sea. there is the main piazza where we would have breakfast and two churches.
The Aman has also an annex the Villa Milocer which was the queen’s summer residence. Three wonderful beaches and a pool. A new pool was under construction.
We dined under a pergola at the Queen’s Chair restaurant and were served wonderful seafood.
We think that the hotel was lovely although it still needs a little extra training for the staff to be at the height of the Aman Resorts reputation.


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The Viceroy Snowmass – Hotel Review

September 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

2 words: Cosy & Modern

The Viceroy in Snowmass is located 20 mins outside Aspen, this is an ideal location to spend the night. Having been there during summer, and loving it, I can only Imagine how one’s stay can be in winter. The rooms have a lavish mountain feel, each room accommodates a pretty glass fireplace and a faux chinchilla throw. The whole place feels super new, with a ultra modern bathroom that gives into the room. The only minus side of the space is that the glass divider bathroom to bedroom didn’t close on the sides, meaning that noise pollution was perceptible.

We really enjoyed our two nights stay in the studio room booked with  which gave it a great value!

The Wynn Hotel – Las Vegas

August 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

Room Review in 5 Words:    Sleek  – Immaculate –  Perfect Sized – Comfortable – a real Treat

Tip:  Ask to be placed from the 35th floor and up for a great view!

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Palihotel Melrose Review – LA

May 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

Now this is a super cool new boutique hotel which opened just two months ago and you can tell as there is still a scent of paint lingering in the air!!
The hotel is in West Hollywood on the corner of Melrose and North Hayworth Avenue in a nice trendsetting neighborhood filled with interesting venues and a short car ride to Rodeo Drive, the
Grove, Beverly Center and Sunset Strip. and  The hotel does have a motel vibe about it, it has only 32 fun and contemporary  rooms.
The Palikitchen, the hotel’s coffee shop only serves breakfast at the moment but is due to serve lunch and dinner by the month of May.
What I liked about this place is it’s decor, there is a particular care for detail… Bookshelves with old books are scattered around the hotel in common areas and in the bedrooms, Old photographs in pretty frames on bookshelves and vintage paintings of pretty ladies and elegant gentlemen. The predominant  color palette is dark greens and mustard combined with greys  and blues. I liked it, you shall too!!


San Ysidro Ranch – Montecito

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I have travelled a lot and in all ways but if you want to consider THE most romantic stay of your lifetime well than do not hesitate and book a cottage with your sweetheart in what Travel&Leisure and Fodor’s Guide consider the #1 top resort in the United States! It’s nestled in Montecito a few minutes away from the coastal town of Santa Barbara,Ca.
From the moment you get there you feel in a long lost era. The rooms are beautifully decorated in a mix of English county style, we felt that ours had a “visiting aunt Mabel” look about it, it was quaint and so romantic with a little outdoor patio in which we had breakfast.
We had two memorable dinners, both ended with a chocolate soufflé the first night, and a citrus soufflé on our second evening there. Yes it’s expensive, yes it’s for a one in a time experience but if you do, you won’t regret it!

Remember this is Milly the mom writing so I guess you do understand that it’s not a hip trendy hotel with a young crowd, the only young people are newlyweds that are obviously honeymooning!!! Enjoy!

The Reception

The Pool

The Garden

More Garden

Pepper Cottage


Click here to visit their website

900 San Ysidro Lane  Montecito,

CA 93108

(805) 565-1700

Post Ranch Inn – Big Sur

April 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

Cottage exterior

Outside deck of a sea view room


The pool

Tree house villas at PRI

47900 California 1  Big Sur, CA 93920, États-Unis
(888) 524-4787

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Hotel Review: The Sunset Marquis – West Hollywood

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If you feel in a rock star mood then there no other place to stay as in a hotel with it’s own recording studio! The Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood is the only hotel in Los Angeles and perhaps in the world that can offer you that!
I went to visit it today, a  very helpful valet took us around for a tour and showed us a junior villa  and a one bedroom villa. The hotel really does has it as says on its website: a combination of  zen-like design with a rock and roll spirit. there is a spa with beautifully appointed individual massage rooms, two swimming pools, lush gardens with quaint secluded nooks to relax and read after a day shopping at nearby Sunset Plaza. The restaurant with a special vibe, has French fusion cuisine. An art gallery instead of a hotel boutique…what else is there to say? I’ll just make sure I’ll book it on my next stay in town!


Room service: Hassler Hotel – Rome

March 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

Sometimes breakfast in bed/room can really help as a kick start for the day…Especially when you plan on walking around Rome like a maniac for the whole coming day!

Olly’s Hotel Review: Hassler Hotel – Rome

March 7, 2012 § 2 Comments


For our trip to Rome, Chiara’s mother was kind enough to invite us to stay at the legendary Hassler Hotel in Rome, located just above the famed Spanish Steps. The hotel oozes luxury, the staff is super caring and really try their best to please us during our stay. (They were also very helpful when I had a minor accident in the bath tub, they were plaster and antiseptic ready, and asked me a gazillion times if I was ok). The room we were given was amazing, over looking the north side of Rome, with our very own living room and small terrace. This Hotel really took our Roman Experience to a whole other level, even though some might find it to be a little bit too old school, honestly It’s worth staying there! For those who really want to experience old Italian luxury and feel pampered by the kindness of their staff, this is the best!

Style:  Italian & lux

Hotel Philosophy: “Elegance, style, the highest quality service and discretion have made the Hassler Roma the very symbol of international hospitality”

RATING: ✩✩✩✩½ OF 5


Roof with a View: Hassler Hotel – Roma

March 4, 2012 § 5 Comments

The roof view from the Hassler Hotel were I’ve been staying for the weekend, you can see all of Rome from up there!

Olly’s Hotel Review: Parrot Cay – Turks and Caicos

February 12, 2012 § 2 Comments


While it’s still -14 degrees outside here in Switzerland, I got a bit heat-sick and decided to write a review on a past experience. Before Milly and Olly was running,  one summer I travelled all the way to Turks and Caicos for about 10 days as an escape from London’s weather. Even if arriving there was a bit of a mission, once you get to the Parrot Cay hotel, you can forget all your worries and finally relax. We did experience a minor glitch at the beginning, when we were shown our terrace room that gave onto a bunch of tall palm trees and was supposed to be a “sea view room”, complaining does get you a long way, so we were swiftly moved to a real “sea view room”. Apart from that our experience was lovely, the white sandy beach with the turquoise water was just like paradise, the Como Shambhala spa retreat was fantastic, I have never experience such a great head massage as there, and the surrounding settings of the spa will leave you with your mouth wide open, stunning. The restaurants: Lotus (pool side, light carribean dishes but also Shambhala healthy meals) and Terrace were delicious. The service was quite good, I say quite because I didn’t feel much love from the reception as you usually do in hotels of this level, but the rest were really helpful and super friendly.  I strongly recommend this to all of you wanting a white sandy beach experience but keeping it refined.

Style:  Quiet Caribbean Spa retreat

Hotel Philosophy: “Think of it in simple terms: a place to rediscover those forgotten rhythms of long days, easy nights, and the salve of peace”

RATING: ✩✩✩✩ OF 5




Olly’s Hotel Review: The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

January 19, 2012 § 3 Comments

View from our room on the 16th floor

The Mandarin Oriental of Bangkok has to be by far my favorite in City hotel. Starting off with the staff absolutely impeccable, they were super helpful at all times, especially the driver that took us to Ayutthaya, he turned out to be our guide throughout the ruins.

The Room of the hotel where great, we were made to chose also which kind of toiletries we wanted to have for our bathrooms, the choice included : Apreys, Acqua di Parma and   a more organic one. We were pampered from the beginning to end of our stay with beautiful fruit arrangements, various snacks and a delicious local tea.

This hotel really took me back to how hotels used to feel when I was traveling as a kid, Milly really appreciated all the effort involved and agrees with me that it was by far the best service seen in a while.

The Food at the hotel was absolutely superb and the breakfast was divine. Im really a big fan of big buffet breakfast and the Mandarin Oriental really had to offer everything one could have wanted. The Restaurant across the river was just divine.

Forgot to mention Milly was shown the room of one of her favorite authors Somerset Maugham, the room was beautiful and really captured the spirit of a passed time.

I strongly recommend staying here!


Style: A Classic

Hotel Philosophy: “For more than 135 years distinguished travelers have followed the legendary Chao Phraya River, through the heart of Bangkok, to the doors of one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok. A paragon of contemporary luxury and rich in history, our hotel is filled with stories of the celebrated guests who have considered us home during their world travels”

Pros: Super Helpful Service, Fantastic food, Pretty pool, Romantic Restaurant, Impeccable amenities in-room, great view on the city

Cons: The staff in the boutiques were somewhat rude, and unhelpful when asked about items they were selling.


Our living room

Milly and Olly heading to the Veranda restaurant across the river

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