Christamas feeling at the Duomo

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Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 11.40.24 AM

The newly installed Xmas tree at the Duomo in Milan!

L’arco della Pace in Milan

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In the morning: 


In the afternoon


by night


Autumn colors in Milan

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Beautiful Autum colors in Milan at Parco Sempione and on Castello Sforzesco

Walk around Rome

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The famous steps of over Piazza di Spagna

Last saturday we were really lucky with the weather in Rome.

Friday seemed to have brought in one of the most hardcore torrential rains in a while that by the next day had mysteriously vanished. The weather was warm, we strolled around the streets with light jackets and had a beautiful light to photograph.

So iPhone clad I instagrammed my way silly.

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Trinitá dei monti

Gardens at Villa Borghese

Piazza Navona

Check out Olly’s Post from the last time she was in Rome during Spring

Roman Lunch in Trastevere

Roma quanto sei Bella – in Details

Restaurant Review – Taverna Trilussa Trastevere

Walk in the roman country-side – Monti la Tolfa

Lunch in the Roman country-side – Monti della Tolfa

Room service: Hassler Hotel – Rome

Olly’s Hotel Review: Hassler Hotel – Rome

Walking along the Tevere – Rome

Campo de’ Fiori – Rome flower market

Mr Sorchettaro

October 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

Rome’s nightlife HERO!

Antonio runs one of the most sought after bakeries in the capital!

This place has a huge queue flowing out of it throughout the night, romans just can’t get enough of his delicious creations!

The most famous dish is the: Sorchetta Doppio Schizzo, a cream glazed doughnut drenched in Nutella…Yes REALLY!

And the rest you can view and judge for yourself from the pictures of my after party escapade…he was sweet enough to make me come behind the counter and check out the sweet scene from up close

Sorchetta for ever! :)

Piazza del Popolo from above

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This weekend I had the joy to go down to Rome to celebrate a friend’s birthday!

Rome is by far my favorite city in Italy, its beauty has seeped right beneath my skin and whenever Im there I really wonder why I live in Milan.

Milan has all its up points too…but seriously rome is just better!

Took these two photos on a walk up to the park

the irony…on the way to my driving lesson

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Taxi/Bus Lane while on my bicycle…Maybe a sign I shouldn’t learn how to drive?  Or incentive?

Milano Graffiti

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(They are just adding some color into our lives can you blame them?)

Restaurant Review – Sushi Shop Milano

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My whole plan of eating in and just having a chilled sunday night dissolved at the sight of my empty fridge.  Somehow all the food I thought of having had mysteriously vanished into the night. (I have an idea or two of how it could have happened….)

Anyways, heading to the groceries is a no go zone, as on sunday EVERYTHING is shut down in Milan. Option number two would have been to head to a restaurant, but to be honest the whole point of lazy day is to be LAZY, the last thing I wanted was to get ready and trotter around town. 

So computer clad I was on a mission to find a food delivery. This might sound silly for those living in England or the US, but here in Italy the food delivery systems aren’t as updated as in other countries. Usually you get as far as ordering a dodgy looking pizza, that you eat wondering what exactly is inside and then probably will regret for the rest of the week. 

So when I stumbled on the Sushi Shop website I couldn’t believe my eyes. Could it be the same sushi delivery I love in Paris? Did someone really have the genius idea of bringing it to Italy? YAY! HURRAH! 

When in Paris you see their black mopeds speeding all around town delivering their neatly packed plates. It saved me on last minute dinner parties, girls night in and just as in this case a lazy sunday night.

There are many reasons why this chain has become so popular:

1) the website makes  it really easy to order, each plates has its own picture so your 100% sure of what your getting into. You can add as many of the same dish as you wish. It all gets added up together into a cart, and once your finished, within a minute you can either pay by card, or in cash when the delivery man arrives.

2) Price wise it doesn’t break the bank

3) the quality of the fish is really fresh, and over all my time in Paris neither I or any of my friends had any bad experiences with our orders

4) you can add the time of delivery, so If you want to run some errands in between and be very organized, you can decide when to receive your food.

So swiftly I placed my order and awaited for my little black bag to arrive.

I am happy to say that the order was exactly as expected, my sushi plates were delicious and that I will definitely order again from the SUSHI SHOP!

websiteVia Filippo Turati,

7  20121 Milan, Italy

02 29004533

Yellow bag man

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Piazza San Fedele, Milano

Taken with iPhone 4 edited in Instagram

floow me :) @OforOlimpia

Restaurant review: Il Refettorio, Milano

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I had been meaning to head to Il Refettorio for a while, ever since it has opened it has only had good reviews.

Located in the heart of Brera, Via dell’Orso (street of the bear) this spot is one of my new favorite gems in the area.

The place (I’m going to have to biased since a friend designed it) is really pretty with arches throughout, wooden floors and cute little tables. It also has the option of sitting in the quiet courtyard. From the streets one can’t imagine its actual size.

We went there for lunch and sat outside, the place was literally buzzing with clients.

They have a fixed menu option for around 18 Euros and also a la Carte menu.

I was intrigued by the Ricotta and Beetroot Ravioli while my friend had the Maltagliati with sausage Ragú . As a main we decided to share the Vitello Tonnato and have a Tiramisú for dessert.

Click here to see full menu

My ravioli where delicious, as I had never had the combination of the two ingredients it was a nice surprise (there was a little bit too salt for my likings, but it didn’t spoil my plate). The Maltagliati were excellent, next time I’m heading here I will be ordering those. The Vitello Tonnato was presented in a rather original way, the fine slices of veal weren’t covered in the sauce completely, so the person eating can decide how much sauce to implement in the meal. It was lovely. And the Tiramisú was very flavorful and generous in size.

I strongly recommend you head here, either for lunch or for dinner it was a great food experience!

photos of interior by BlogATcasa


20122 – MILANO
TEL. 02 890.966.64

12.00 – 15.00 / 19.00 – 22.00
19.00 – 23.00

Italian Cypress hills

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During my weekend in Montalcino I took a couple of photos of the majestic Cipressi trees found in the area.

These were shot with my iPhone and edited in Instagram #oforolimpia

Our horse Teddy loves obstructing the road when we have to leave…


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Shot of the Teatro Piccolo in Milan

got to love it’s name: Piccolo = Small

edited with Instagram : oforolimpia

The joys of waking up at 4 am and flying out at dawn

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Last thursday while sleeping in Milan, my alarm shrilled in the wee hours of the night (4 am) to announce the time had come to go to Croatia! The early wake was traumatic but thankfully fuelled by the excitement of our next adventure!

We swiftly went to Malpensa airport, and boarded our flight to Split…and while doing so we were rewarded with a gorgeous sunrise. Which made our red/eye trip all together sweeter :)


iPhone goes to Sardegna

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Here is a selection of photos taken with my iPhone of the magical southern part of Sardegna, right now are I write this Im in Athens hanging out with a friend before heading to Mykonos.

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