Levitated mass at the LACMA Museum

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Michael Heizer’s artwork is a 340-ton boulder that traveled from a quarry in Riverside to the Wilshire Boulevard museum.

I’ve never seen something quite like it…I didn’t feel completely safe standing below it (more of a 1 millisecond dash from one side to the other)…Notheless quite an impressive work to see in front you!

You can read more about Heizer’s work by clicking here!

You can see the exhibitions Milly visited when she was last in LA in March 12by clicking here!!

iPhone goes to town – LA

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Flag out of converse sneakers

The Thomson Hotel roof top pool

Santa Monica

Dog with shades

Olly’s favorite shoe designer Christian Louboutin

Outside the Beverly Wilshire

Hanging Sculpture at Neiman Marcus in BH

iPhone at the Beach – Malibu

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So while Olly is finishing off her Photography course in Paris, Im finishing up my LA trip…time to go home!

Here are some “beach” shots from the past days!

Wind blown tree

love this one! 

Malibu social club

Their roads crossed for an instant then they each went their way… It happens to birdies too!

Photo shoot on the beach

Just Perfect

Sunset is never an ordinary matter

Palihotel Melrose Review – LA

May 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

Now this is a super cool new boutique hotel which opened just two months ago and you can tell as there is still a scent of paint lingering in the air!!
The hotel is in West Hollywood on the corner of Melrose and North Hayworth Avenue in a nice trendsetting neighborhood filled with interesting venues and a short car ride to Rodeo Drive, the
Grove, Beverly Center and Sunset Strip. and  The hotel does have a motel vibe about it, it has only 32 fun and contemporary  rooms.
The Palikitchen, the hotel’s coffee shop only serves breakfast at the moment but is due to serve lunch and dinner by the month of May.
What I liked about this place is it’s decor, there is a particular care for detail… Bookshelves with old books are scattered around the hotel in common areas and in the bedrooms, Old photographs in pretty frames on bookshelves and vintage paintings of pretty ladies and elegant gentlemen. The predominant  color palette is dark greens and mustard combined with greys  and blues. I liked it, you shall too!!


San Ysidro Ranch – Montecito

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I have travelled a lot and in all ways but if you want to consider THE most romantic stay of your lifetime well than do not hesitate and book a cottage with your sweetheart in what Travel&Leisure and Fodor’s Guide consider the #1 top resort in the United States! It’s nestled in Montecito a few minutes away from the coastal town of Santa Barbara,Ca.
From the moment you get there you feel in a long lost era. The rooms are beautifully decorated in a mix of English county style, we felt that ours had a “visiting aunt Mabel” look about it, it was quaint and so romantic with a little outdoor patio in which we had breakfast.
We had two memorable dinners, both ended with a chocolate soufflé the first night, and a citrus soufflé on our second evening there. Yes it’s expensive, yes it’s for a one in a time experience but if you do, you won’t regret it!

Remember this is Milly the mom writing so I guess you do understand that it’s not a hip trendy hotel with a young crowd, the only young people are newlyweds that are obviously honeymooning!!! Enjoy!

The Reception

The Pool

The Garden

More Garden

Pepper Cottage


Click here to visit their website

900 San Ysidro Lane  Montecito,

CA 93108

(805) 565-1700

Snack at Post Ranch Inn – Big Sur

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Post Ranch Inn – Big Sur

April 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

Cottage exterior

Outside deck of a sea view room


The pool

Tree house villas at PRI

47900 California 1  Big Sur, CA 93920, États-Unis
(888) 524-4787

Click here to visit their website

Drive with a View – Big Sur

April 19, 2012 § 3 Comments

Gorgeous Drive down the coast

Our ride (had to be Italian)

Rock wisdom

Carmel with my iPhone

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Hi all, as you might noticed Olly has been doing more of the write ups for M&O, I’ve been constantly on the move throughout California with my beloved. Here are a few shots of our day trip to Carmel by the Sea, the town that in recent years had as its major Clint Eastwood! It’s pretty,it’s quaint and I loved it! Enjoy!

Number Plate

Carmel by the Sea

The Cloisters

The cemetery, notice the shells decorating the tombstone

Below: The Carmel Mission dating from 1700, A wedding, and a sign just outside Carmel!

These photos were edited using http://pixlr.com/o-matic/

Best Pizza in LA: Mozza Pizzeria

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I woke up and told Marshall: ” I must have a pizza today! I have a pizza craving!” so we headed to what we were told is one of Hollywood’s best pizzeria: Mozza.
A scent of pizza dough being cooked in the wood burning oven titillated our senses, in one single minute I was catapulted to Italy!! Nostalgia!!!
I warned the waiter that I was Italian and that I really had a taste for good pizzas, he warned me back and told me to rest assured that I wasn’t going to be one little bit disappointed, though they were to be considered California pizzas and the dough was special.
So we ordered salads to start with and warm  olive oil and garlic bread. I then chose a Margherita with fresh tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella and Marshall had a speck and buffalo mozzarella and arugula flat bread. It was absolutely delicious! Perfect to the T! We checked out the dessert menu just to see the delicacies they served but just couldn’t have anything more to eat! So, when in Los Angeles and in a desperate need of a pizza head to Mozza! It’s sister restaurant, right next door Osteria Mozza apparently it’s just as good in serving Italian fare. We shall try that too! W la Pizza!

641 North Highland Avenue

Los Angeles,CA 90036

(323) 297-0101

White Arrows – Get Gone

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There is a new band making it big out there that I suggest you folks watch for or…better said: listen to! The Los Angeles based band White Arrows. Their latest video of their single “Get Gone”  from their upcoming record  has just been released and quoting Justin Timberlake’s tweet  it’s a cool video. The band leader singer Mickey along with Steven, JP, Andrew and Henry describe themselves as the blackest white band. Their sound is  airy, fluid garage-synth mixed with African Style drumming.
I saw them in a club, the Roxy, in Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip and I just loved their show and danced to their tunes. The leader singer Schiff was born blind and recovered his eyesight  when he was a teenager, this being probably the reason for their highly visual lyrics.

The EP titled ” Fireworks of the Sea” was released today April 3rd. They are touring the US and Europe in May June and July. I really think these guys will make it big! Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of their shows! I have met them, got a photograph with them at the end of the show and will treasure it… One day they’ll be super famous, I bet on it!

Check out their video below and their website by clicking here!

Mr Chow – Los Angeles

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Mr Chow in Beverly Hills… Pure culinary bliss!  I knew the New York City venue but you know what? I liked this one so much more… the food, the people, the service, the decor…all of it! I couldn’t resist to order the lettuce cups and the shredded chicken with vegetables with the plum sauce  and the Pecking duck crêpes, the Cantonese fried rice with shrimps and some great beef dish that the maitre d’ recommended. A cart of desserts with lemon cake, chocolate mousse cake and a mixed berries cake was brought to our table but we kindly declined as the food we just ate was A LOT! To complete the experience, just as in the New York restaurant, a Chinese noodle maker showed us the art of making Mr Chow’s famous noodles for all to applaud! I loved it and so will you!!!

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Restaurant Review: Fig and Olive – LA

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The evening we decided to dine there was a phenomenal experience: like being in the South Of France or the Italian riviera! A beautiful olive tree stands in the middle of the room and the vibe is totally Mediterranean. Right as we sat at the table we were served with a selection of three different olive oils, one from Tunisia, one from Southern California and one from Portugal to taste with bread. I started with a beautiful salad with seasoned goat cheese, Nick, Marshall’s son ordered a mushroom soup and Marshall a Caesar’s salad, we then ventured in a selection of warm  crostinis with mushrooms and truffle oil, tomatoes and egg plant and they were very good.  Our main course was a melt in the mouth  veal on a bed of vegetables for me, pasta with seafood for Marshall and Nick ate pasta with mushrooms. A nice small  tray of four different desserts was our last treat: chocolate mousse, fruit sorbet and a crème brûlé and shortbread crostini with mascarpone. Fig and Olive is in a cozy street corner in  Melrose Place, West Hollywood  filled with nice fashion shops. We really enjoyed it and so will you!!

Click here to Visit their website

 Salad with seasoned goat cheese

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The Architecture at the Getty Museum

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The other day we headed to the incredible Getty Museum Center! Love the architecture by Richard Meier!

LACMA – Los Angeles County Museum of Art

March 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

The Fantastic art at LACMA:


ROW 1:  Roy Lichtenstein, Mimmo Paladino ( and me ) Frida Kahlo

ROW 2:  paintings and sculptures  ( Picasso and Miró), Roy Lichtenstein, Modigliani

ROW 3: 1963 Picasso, Another Room, Christo

ROW 4: Rembrant, Current exposition on 1950-1960 furniture,

ROW 5: Museum exteriors, Renoir, Old Masters

ROW 6: George Segal’s woman at window, Frida Kahlo


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