Fluffy pancakes next to Central Park

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photo 2

While we were staying in NYC Sarabeth’s was became our favorite Breakfast spot!

Enjoy the fluffiest Pancakes while looking into the Park.

Also try the French Toast and the Poached eggs!

And for hangover mornings the Bloody Mary was insanely good!

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photo 1

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Lunch at Nello’s NYC

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My favorite Italian restaurant in NYC: NELLO’s

This place not only has delicious italian food but also an incredible atmosphere, ask to be seated near the window and head there for lunch!

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 5.17.55 PM

photo 1

Black Truffled Carpaccio


photo 2

Vitello Tonnato

photo 3

Carciofo alla Giudea

photo 4

Maccheroni alla Norma

photo 5

Spaghetti al Pomodoro

Address: 696 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065
Phone:(212) 980-9099

I think were going Wazuzu

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Total Look



Sushi selection





The delicious crunch roll

Black Cod

Pad Thai Kon Kaen


Brownie Chocolate Icream Ensamble (FOOD PORN) 

Rating: ✰✰✰✰ out of 5

Best for: Dinners and Dates

Prices:  $$

If we keep this up we will become a Botero

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Set inside the Wynn hotel, this is one of the two steak houses other than SW. The food was delicious but very heavy, from started to dessert (I still don’t know how we managed to scoff down those deep fried marshmallows…yes i wrote deep fried…)!

Go here HUNGRY! And expect to hear some pretty loud music!






40 Oz Porterhouse



The dangerously caloric marshmallow filled donuts…! 






Rating: ✰✰✰✰ out of 5

Best for: Dinner with friends. It can get a bit loud so I wouldn’t recommend a date

Prices: Getting $$$

Looking up and looking down

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These were a few of the cool lamps found at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas

iPhone goes to Vegas

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Photo-report for Sincity…Who knew my iPhone would be such a gambler…!


Different scenes at the S. Monica Beach

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Levitated mass at the LACMA Museum

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Michael Heizer’s artwork is a 340-ton boulder that traveled from a quarry in Riverside to the Wilshire Boulevard museum.

I’ve never seen something quite like it…I didn’t feel completely safe standing below it (more of a 1 millisecond dash from one side to the other)…Notheless quite an impressive work to see in front you!

You can read more about Heizer’s work by clicking here!

You can see the exhibitions Milly visited when she was last in LA in March 12by clicking here!!

Breakfast in Palm Springs

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One of the best breakfast’s of the trip, were theres a good waffle there is happiness!

all of this thanks to the Parker Hotel  at their delicious Norma’s  restaurant!

The whole hotel has a cool vibe to it! the picture above was taken in the hall.

Your immensity scares me

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Last but not least our last canyon on our list was THE GRAND CANYON.

Only downside are the masses of tourist that kind of take away from the moment. But nonetheless we were astounded by it’s size!

The concerned face

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While driving to the Grand Canyon from Santa Fe we quickly passed by Flagstaff . By quick I mean we didn’t even stop and get down and I snapped away like a maniac. My snapping was a result of seeing the above concerned face. There was something so beautiful and lost about it. A gigantic child’s face poster coming apart on a old wall. Made me think of the possibility of being one of the works of photographer JR…?

Anyhows here’s the rest of the quick car-while-driving-shoot:

You’ve got mail

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Back in Italy mail boxes don’t get as cute as these.

That was the case until my dad brought one back and installed it in our garden in Tuscany… These were taken all in Santa Fe!

and our very own:

The colorful streets of Santa Fe

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Me in the main Plaza

This was the most multicolored town we visited on our road trip!

Ojo Caliente

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On the way to Santa Fe in New Mexico we booked a night over at Ojo Caliente. A place famed for its mineral springs discovered in 1500 during a gold search. One of the explorers wrote “The greatest treasure that I found these people to possess are hot springs which burst out at the foot of a mountain…so powerful are the chemicals contained in this water that the inhabitants believe that they were given to them by their gods. These Springs I have named Ojo Caliente, or hot eye.”

Curious of the idea of chilling in mud and “healing” from our travels we made our way there.

We stayed in the historic hotel which added to the fun of the experience, only minor downside was that the room didn’t have its own private shower. But since the idea is for people to hangout by the pools they expect guests to shower off at the changing rooms. The pool area was wide, with lots of different areas to bathe in, with different healing compounds depending on your likings. The mud pool was fun especially when one dries into the clay and ends up looking like a statue, such a weird feeling on your skin!

Anyways the over all experience was fun and was a perfect place to interrupt our travels for a day. I personally wouldn’t spend there more than a weekend, but thats more because I like seeing different sceneries. Perfect for relaxing with a loved one.

Plus the restaurant was really delicious!

ps the long photos are from the hotel’s website!







The Viceroy Snowmass – Hotel Review

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2 words: Cosy & Modern

The Viceroy in Snowmass is located 20 mins outside Aspen, this is an ideal location to spend the night. Having been there during summer, and loving it, I can only Imagine how one’s stay can be in winter. The rooms have a lavish mountain feel, each room accommodates a pretty glass fireplace and a faux chinchilla throw. The whole place feels super new, with a ultra modern bathroom that gives into the room. The only minus side of the space is that the glass divider bathroom to bedroom didn’t close on the sides, meaning that noise pollution was perceptible.

We really enjoyed our two nights stay in the studio room booked with www.wired.com  which gave it a great value!

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