Restaurant Review – Sushi Shop Milano

October 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

My whole plan of eating in and just having a chilled sunday night dissolved at the sight of my empty fridge.  Somehow all the food I thought of having had mysteriously vanished into the night. (I have an idea or two of how it could have happened….)

Anyways, heading to the groceries is a no go zone, as on sunday EVERYTHING is shut down in Milan. Option number two would have been to head to a restaurant, but to be honest the whole point of lazy day is to be LAZY, the last thing I wanted was to get ready and trotter around town. 

So computer clad I was on a mission to find a food delivery. This might sound silly for those living in England or the US, but here in Italy the food delivery systems aren’t as updated as in other countries. Usually you get as far as ordering a dodgy looking pizza, that you eat wondering what exactly is inside and then probably will regret for the rest of the week. 

So when I stumbled on the Sushi Shop website I couldn’t believe my eyes. Could it be the same sushi delivery I love in Paris? Did someone really have the genius idea of bringing it to Italy? YAY! HURRAH! 

When in Paris you see their black mopeds speeding all around town delivering their neatly packed plates. It saved me on last minute dinner parties, girls night in and just as in this case a lazy sunday night.

There are many reasons why this chain has become so popular:

1) the website makes  it really easy to order, each plates has its own picture so your 100% sure of what your getting into. You can add as many of the same dish as you wish. It all gets added up together into a cart, and once your finished, within a minute you can either pay by card, or in cash when the delivery man arrives.

2) Price wise it doesn’t break the bank

3) the quality of the fish is really fresh, and over all my time in Paris neither I or any of my friends had any bad experiences with our orders

4) you can add the time of delivery, so If you want to run some errands in between and be very organized, you can decide when to receive your food.

So swiftly I placed my order and awaited for my little black bag to arrive.

I am happy to say that the order was exactly as expected, my sushi plates were delicious and that I will definitely order again from the SUSHI SHOP!

websiteVia Filippo Turati,

7  20121 Milan, Italy

02 29004533

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