On the way to Vegas!

August 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

After a fantastic week in Croatia, Milly and I parted directions. While she’s hanging out around Europe, I’ve left my homeland for the US. First stop being the one and only Las Vegas!

Having only been here once before when I was 16,  obviously as expected this time around the experience is completely different! Finally being able to stay at the tables without getting kicked out (last time my dad really insisted I should play…) and enjoying the gambling scene! To be honest the only card game I’m great at is UNO, but I’m yet to find a table for that!  Luckily I have my friend with me who is super patients at explaining whats going on!

My whole trip is going to last around 20 days in which we will be traveling around the various nearby states and visiting my much longed for national parks!

Here are some Plane-snaps taken with my iPhone!


I flew from Milano Linate to London Heathrow – connected Flights from LHR to LAS VEGAS

We managed to have a quick bite at Gorgdon Ramsey’s T5 restaurants which bring the word airport food to a whole other meaning!

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