Chronicles from Croatia: Vis

August 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

We weren’t so sure if we were going to make it to Vis as our schedule started to run tight.  Since we were adamant to head back to Hvar before going to Italy, we manage to squeeze in a night infron of Luk and the old town of  Vis!  I am so glad we did, it was really worth the fuss of sailing for 3 hours more, we even got to see dolphins!

Vis is the furthest Island from mainland towards Italy, and also one of the largest. The traditional architecture preservation was one of the best from all the other islands, contrary to our previously visited place, Vis doesn’t seem to have been converted to tourism just yet. Meaning that once your off the main port street, and you venture into the little roads that head up, you can found some really spectacular buildings. My friend and I are quite determinate photographers, we really like knowing we have covered a whole area from top to bottom. So thanks to the friendliness of the locals we managed to take some cool shots of typical courtyards and gardens!

This is definitely and Island to add to your MUST-VISITs!

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