Chronicles from Croatia: Trogir

August 17, 2012 § 6 Comments

Sitting on the front of our sail boat watching yet again another glorious sunset, I can’t believe our adventure is almost over…Since last week we’ve been sailing throughout the southern Dalmatian Islands. Started out from the Marina of Šibenik all the way down to Mljet passing along the way some of the most noteworthy Islands of Croatia.

Having heard so many good things about this country just a stone’s throw away from our beloved Italy, Milly decided the time had come to head to Croatia. Thanks to her dear friend who lent us her lovely sail boat, the trip finally came together!

You would think that by being just over the Adriatic Sea the coast line would resemble our land, but to be honest it was a whole different story. Let me just they are both beautiful countries in their own unique way!! While in italy most coast lines are made out of beautiful sandy beaches with wave-shaped round boulders, the coast line here has a much harsher form. Throughout the bays we visited we hardly so any proper beaches, but were greeted by powerful rough rocks that led into the sea, surrounded by a thick forest growing meters above them. The sea is luxuriously clear, with some of the deepest water I have ever seen in a bay, the sea bottom just 15 meters off the coast can reach a taunting 35 meter depth. For those like my self who might be a bit paranoid of deep-sea creatures (I know while writing it, how ridiculous it sounds) can end up swimming attached to the steps of their boat…I did eventually muster up the courage to let go…but only swimming on my back ;)

Our first important stop was in the beautiful town of Trogir also known for being a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE . Thanks to the Venetian period, it has gorgeous Baroque and Renaissance buildings. Surrounded by little narrow roads that lead all to the port where Kamerlengo Castle is located. Plus it has some glorious Romanesque Churches. Unfortunately during our visit there was a major mass going on so i wants able to photograph the enterior just the outside :) A MUST SEE!

On the way to town…super strong breezes


The famed castle





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