Photographer: Peter Lippmann

August 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Who?  – Peter Lippmann (American born based in Paris). Whose work  has been featured on an array of Magazines 

Why?  His amazing still life photography and advertising works

There is something whimsical about still life photography that always leaves me in awe to those who have the talent to master it.

Each shot is a result of all the thought that has been put into it by the photographer. Starting off with the composition, then the lighting is key, with all the little trinkets that go around it: type of light, depth of field, maintaing a good angle, background color…All these  factors and many more can either make or break your shot. Especially when one has to create a shot for an advertising campaign. The Photographer has to make the most of the object presented in front of him, with his camera he was to valorize it, make it feel treasured and alluring so that the viewer upon seeing the image, gets a inner feeling of wanting the item...even when placing out of context objects like squashed fruits with beautiful jewels…or dogs eating the latest Louboutins…Anyways I won’t spoil the surprise, here are Lippmann’s works

Commissioned by Marie Claire: 

Luxury Chicks

Forbidden Fruits 



One of my favorite series for Cartier: 

His work is truly inspiring for me, makes me want to set up a studio right now and get snapping!


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