Spices in the cool breeze welcome to Tangiers

August 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ciao! I just got back from Tangiers, after visiting my brother and my  two adorable nephews! Finally after years of wanting to go to Morocco I managed to make my way to it (Papi-Clad)…From Milan there weren’t any direct flights so we had to do a quick stop to Madrid and then fly down for an hour. Even though we had to connect through flights it was an easy and bare able  travel.

Thanks to my brother who patiently showed us around town, Tangiers  was truly a noteworthy trip. One of the best sides of Tangiers is that during the last days of july instead of being scorching hot like most places throughout Europe, (Tangiers is just below the Strait of Gibraltar) it had a fantastic 25 degree temperature, with a cool breeze coming from the sea. Which really eased our stay both at the beach and in the evenings (one evening we even managed to wrap our selves up into jumpers).

This time of the year was perfect for our visit, as it was during the first week of Ramadam, meaning that the street that would normally be crowded, were very accessible and clear. The night prayer of the Imam throughout the the town at night really gave a soundtrack to the whole experience.

Since we were based in the old Medina we got to walk along the little narrow roads that led onto the the bigger streets and paths. Here is what  caught my eye while walking around:

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