The pretty town of Mykonos

July 25, 2012 § 5 Comments

We had a BLAST celebrating Milly’s Birthday in one of the coolest and funnest Islands of all Greece!!!

We got back to Italy with the usual Mikonian Jetlag, yes Greece is only one hour ahead of us on the scale, but Mykonos alone has its own timetable!  Let me explain, this was typical day for us (I speak for the all the 20 somethings out there!): 12:00 wake up (which is early, considering my brother was waking up at 4 pm, but i like getting ym tan on) Head to the beach, Lunch around 3:30 pm, leave the beach around 7:30 pm,  at 8:35 pm the sun goes down and one can enjoy some of the most mesmerizing sunsets! 10/11 pm Dinner, 2 am drinks, 3 am club….and that repeats its self every day….cant blame me for feeling so drowsy upon my arrival!

I’m going to divide up our week in subjects, as Milly is still sending me her pics, we are organizing it all :)

Stay tuned,

Here is a look into the town also known as CHORA!

Little info:  Why are Greek houses white: In most of the Cycladic islands, houses were painted white to reflect the harsh summer sun. So, it started for let’s say “bioclimatic” or “ecological” reasons, to make houses a little more heat resistant

View onto Little Venice

The famous Windmills

Milly looking at her beloved snapping up the pup

Best view of the sunset from Elysium Bar

Aperitivo at Little Venice overlooking the Sunset

Pretty space

One of the many colorful boutiques of Mykonos

The most common colors for a home baby blue and white, how cute!

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