Artist & Photographer Christopher Boffoli – Big Appetites

July 15, 2012 § 3 Comments

I love this series by Christopher Boffoli called Big Appetites! Watching it puts me it a good mood, seeing all these little scenes taking place on everyday food is pretty mystical. He was clearly inspired by Slinkachu I believe started this style (correct me if I am wrong). Who we’ve talked about here a couple of days ago.

If you are in New York you can see this series showcased at Winston Wächter Fine Art NYC until 24th of August.


Dear all,

I would like to correct my self for stating above that Christopher Boffoli was CLEARLY inspired by Artist and Photographer Slinkachu. I was rectified by the photographer and artist himself as you can read in the comments below. I did ask to be corrected if I was wrong and so I was.

I would like to apologize to coming to such a conclusion, I just saw a pretty pattern of a great idea and unwisely wrote my assumption. Since we base our blog more on a visual approach I am not so cautious on what I write, clearly for future reference I will change so, to avoid sounding offensive in anyway. That clearly was not the point of this post.

I am glad I was made aware of the truth on the matter, needless to say I admire both artist a lot as a viewer, collector and photographer. I am always amazed when one can take something ordinary and transform into something extraordinary.

Boffoli’s sensitivity to detail is impeccable, which transports the viewer in a delightful whole new world with his miniature population using everyday objects. I really appreciate his approach and hope to be seeing more of his works.

:) Olimpia

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§ 3 Responses to Artist & Photographer Christopher Boffoli – Big Appetites

  • Alex Khoo says:

    These works are just so amazing! Nice!!!

  • Thanks for the post. My work was NOT inspired by Slinkachu. I completely support him as I do all other artists. And from the limited selection of his work I have seen I think he is brilliant. But I didn’t even know who he was when I began work on this series in 2003. There are a number of artists doing parallel work with scale figures. But just because you might have become aware of one before the other it does not mean that all other artists are derivative.

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