Casarecce with Spicy Mushrooms

July 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

Casarecce with spicy Champignons

YOU WILL NEED: 6 large Champignons, 20 Gr of Butter, 2TBS of Olive Oil, 3 dried Chillies, 1 Garlic Clove, 300 gr of Casarecce (x2 people), Parmesan,Black Pepper and Salt to garnish

This Recipe could also be called the Instagram Champignon as it was all shot with my iPhone, didn’t bring my macro lens with me on this trip to Greece…

1) Take the 6 large Champignons and clean thoroughly with water, remove stalk and leave to dry on a towel, once dried cut them up in lots of parts  – While at it thinly slice the garlic clove

2) Take the 300 Grams of Casarecce

3) And place the Casarecce to boil in hot water for the time stated (in this case 9 mins)

4) Add the 20 grams of Butter to the 2 TBS of Olive oil in a pan and bring to heat

5) Once Hot add the Champignons, and the finely sliced Garlic clove

6)Do not stir so that the water of the mushrooms comes up 

7) Take your 3 dried chillies 

8) Add to the cooking Mushrooms – You will know they are ready once the water has vanished, if it happens before the pasta boiling time is up, switch off the pan heat, and leave warm under a pan cap.  

9) Once the Pasta is ready add 2 TBS of olive oil if you wish to the bowl.  

10) And mix the pasta up with the Champignons

Et Voilá your Pasta is Ready!

For other Pasta ideas here are a couple of recipes we’ve put in action:

LINGUINE ALLA BOTTARGA (One of my Favorites)

White Truffle and Saffron Spaghetti


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