Sumosan – London

June 26, 2012 § 4 Comments

Sumosan is my favorite Japanese restaurant in London, It has been at 1st place in my heart since the past 6 years.

The main reason being that it ticks all my boxes:

✓Sleek Venue – Beautiful High Ceilings and a Papyrus paper covering the window on the street so one can look outside without feeling of being on the road Central Location – Abemarle Street W1, Mayfair

✓All kinds of Japanese wonders but also with a modern european twist. The food presentation is impeccable.

✓The staff is super friendly and always smiling. For being a cool venue no one is snobby as other restaurants in the area (to not name names)…

✓They are the creators of one of the most amazing desserts to place foot on this planet: The Chocolate Fondant. A dark chocolate fondant with warm white chocolate in the middle, covered by melted white chocolate in macha coloring. THIS WILL TAKE YOU TO HEAVEN!

✓Sumosan is like a big family, once you try it you end up wanting to go there at least once a week, (they also do take-outs). So you always end up seeing familiar faces.

✓Oh, and the cocktails are great too :)

Here is a short list of my favorites:

♡Sumosan Tartar  ♡    Lobster Salad♡   Spicy Scallop Sushi    ♡        T&T roll  ♡ Sumosan Roll    ♡    Rock Shrimp Tempura     ♡       Black Cod     ♡    Fried Rice   ♡    Chocolate Fondant ♡      the Pineapple in white chocolate sauce  ♡ 

I apologize for the pics as my phone in the dark can only do as much :)

My partner in crime & blogger Fallonista owner of !


26 Albemarle Street  City of Westminster, W1S 4HY, Regno Unito
020 7495 5999

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