Inappropriate dreaming: FHC

June 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

This photograph has been catching my eye a couple of times now in my albums…Each time it leaves me longing for the subject: FHC…The infamous Frozen Hot Chocolate of Serendipity in NYC! One of the most delicious Drinks/Ice-Creams/Desserts to have ever been created on this planet! And one of the most inappropriate dreams to have when bikini season is around the corner and all my friends seem to talk about is diet, abs and the latest sacrifices one can be doing to get into the perfect shape…How can one say NO to such goodness? Luckily I live in Italy which isn’t in proximity of such goodness, it’s up to me to not fall in temptation next time I will be going to the big apple!…I just hope that if I do succumb , its at at time when layering is in season!

For those who do live in NY you can find mr. Frozen Hot Chocolate at:


225 East 60th Street  New York, NY 10022, United States
(212) 838-3531

Oh and make sure you take your kids, it has all sorts of bits and giggles to entertain the little ones, also its own toy shop!

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