Parisian details #3

May 19, 2012 § 4 Comments

Finally the weekend! its been a very busy week so far with some pretty major events happening:

1st of all I FINISHED MY PHOTO COURSE AT SPEOS! can’t believe how fast it flew by, from september everything went in a jiffy….

2nd My mom MILLY IS BACK FROM her super-long LA TRIP! Im writing this right now from Gstaad (Switzerland) where we will spend the weekend together! This makes me really happy!

3rd I had my first proper Gallery exposure by having 1 of my photographs displayed during our end of year exhibit!

4th I finally managed to go to Montmartre – I know its ridiculous, I’ve been here since forever and always found some silly excuse to not go

5th went to my first movie premier of Man in Black III at cinema REX which is by far one of the loveliest cinema theaters I have ever seen!

Abandoned Antique Bottles on the streets of Paris – we picked a few up to photograph in the studio :) 


Pretty door near by Pigalle

Olly’s photo in the Gallery at Speos

Tour Eiffel from Montmartre

Rex Movie theater where i attended my first ever premiere :) of MIB III

Bob Dylan & two Giraffese

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Next week will be a mix between Gstaad Details and Milanese Details as I won’t be going back to Paris for at least 10 days :)  mini break! :)

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§ 4 Responses to Parisian details #3

  • MiZa says:

    …OLIMPIA! Congrats Congrats and Congrats! – Paris one of the cities that I loved the most in my life now lives again in my memories and in my heart thanks to your AWESOME photos! – THX! – Direi che ora sei la vera reginetta di Parigi!
    …se una di queste bottiglie fosse pregiatissimo champagne lo stapperei per dirti: “CHEERS”!

  • young product designer says:

    Congratulations! I don’t know how you find the time to do everything you do. And seems that you do everything well! :)

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