Milly and Olly Recipe – Chocolate Coulants

April 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the easiest and fastest delicious chocolate dessert:

The Chocolate Coulant

Preparation: 15 mins – cooking: 6-7 mins

FIRST OF ALL Preheat your oven at 220˚C

YOU WILL NEED: 200g of Dark Chocolate – 70 gr of butter – 4 eggs – 70gr of Sugar – 50 gr of flour – AS UTENSILS YOU CAN SEE WHAT I USED AS SHAPE WARE – IT HAS TO BE SOMETHING ALON THOSE LINES (scroll down to see what I used)

The ingredients ( I made these while in Athens, so all the ingredients apart from the butter are Greek)

For all steps to take you can click on MORE! 

1) Melt all of the 200gr of chocolate in a pan over hot water

2) Once the chocolate starts melting add the butter

3) In a bowl add the 4 eggs to the 70gr of Sugar

4)Start whisking them together

5) Once the butter and chocolate have melted and you have stirred them together add them to the eggs and sugar mix. Keep Stirring until they really blend together

6) Slowly sift and blend in the 50gr of flour into the mix

7) You should end up with a velvety feeling mix

8) Add the mix to the 4 buttered around the bottom and edges stamps – reach 3/4 of the space available – they will rise.

9) Place in oven and cook for 6/7 mins, once the top part looks cooked thats enough. You want to have the inside nice and melted!

Oven with a view

After 6/7 mins they should look like these babies

Leave to rest for 1 mins before serving add a ball of vanilla ice-cream!

Enjoy and Share the chocolate love!


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