Milly and Olly Recipe – Linguine alla Bottarga

March 27, 2012 § 4 Comments

One of my favored Pasta plates in this world, I remembered when my dad first made this plate I was pretty appalled by the thought of all the fish roe stuck together and cured. Forgive me I was pretty young and was happy with a bunch of fish fingers instead. The past years I have grown very fond of this plate, it has a very special taste to it which I’m not sure most people would like, but oh my do I love it!

Since I was in Greece, the Bottarga there isn’t ridiculously priced as here in Paris, the same exact Bottarga (brand and weight) triples in price as soon as it reaches french soil!  So it felt ok to indulge in this delicacy.

So enough with my bottarga banter and back to business:

Linguine alla Bottarga

YOU WILL NEED: 100 gr of Bottarga, (we bought the fresh version which means it was covered in only 3 layers of wax) –  A handful of Linguine (or more if you prefer) – Olive oil – a quarter of a Garlic clove – and half an Onion – Salt to garnish.

1) We had to separate the two pieces of Bottarga because they were 190 gr together, and picked the larger part

2) Peel off the wax from the Bottarga

3) It has to look like this when peeled

4) Put your Linguine to boil in boiling hot water and salt

5) While the pasta is cooking, cut in very thin slices the onion (even thinner than this is better)

6) Add to a pan with oil and fry them gently, keep stirring them till they become soft and transparent.

7) Cut the Bottarga into very (VERY) thin slices

8) Place one by one the slices around in the Serving bowl, you can add olive oil to this is you want.

9)When the Pasta is ready add it to the bowl with the cooked onions and mix well, if you hadn’t added olive oil at step 8 add now!



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