Lunch and the Grub – LA

March 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Now I believe that one cannot go only to fancy restaurants in L.A. As there are plenty of nice joints where one can grab a quick bite.  So today we went to Grub in Hollywood, a great small place with an outdoor patio in an old Hollywood bungalow. The owner, Betty, was a contestant on the tv show ” Top Chef”. On  the menu  hamburgers with a twist such as arugula and truffle oil topping. My eye fell on an eloquent dessert:  the famous big ass ice cream sandwich which I didn’t try for obvious reasons: didn’t want my rear to become as described!!! :-) I tasted a wonderful BLT with rosemary ciabatta and garlic mayonnaise. Marshall tried the BLT version with melted Brie and loved it. We tasted their homemade ginger ale, tangy and thirst quenching. We did check out the tables nearby and their great looking burgers and salads, the place was filled with patrons all looking very happy and satisfied.

We then headed to Beverly Hills at the Cheesecake Factory to have some lemonade and indulge in their original cheesecake ( my choice ) and key lime cheesecake for Marshall. Both drop dead delicious!!!! So quick, bring your sweetheart there and smother him/her with these great cakes!!


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