Milly & Olly – Moelleux au Chocolat Recipe

February 20, 2012 § 4 Comments

This is Milly’s nfallible recipe for one of the world’s favorite desserts: 

For the Moelleux au Chocolat  (6 Servings) YOU WILL NEED: 4 eggs  –  200gr dark chocolate possibly with 70% cocoa ( Lindt have a great one which I use)  –  160 grams of sugar  – 40 gr white flour    –   200 gr butter

1) Melt the chocolate  bain-marie with butter and sugar stir with a wooden spoon or a whisk  while it melts into a creamy glossy wonderful looking soft mixture

2) Add the eggs one at a time while gentle stirring and the flour.

 3) Once all the ingredients have blended pour the mix into buttered soufflé cups almost at the rim

4) Freeze for at least four hours or just until you need them to astonish your guests. (It can be a month later too!!!)

5)Once you decide that whoever is invited to dinner deserves to taste this mouth-watering desset place the frozen cups in a pre-heated oven 210 degrees and let them cook for 20 minutes. (They should gentle rise but not like a soufflé, only a bit…)

6)I usually leave them in the cup and serve them that way but you can also gentle scoop them out with the edge of a knife while you turn them over onto a plate.

7)I suggest to complete the orgasmic experience to top the chocolate moelleux with double cream or vanilla ice cream or even heated raspberries. So there you are….enjoy!!!!

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