Milly & Olly – Tarte Tatin Recipe

February 10, 2012 § 6 Comments

This is in my opinion an easier version of the original version of the Tatin sisters who invented the cake over a century ago in the a small village south of Paris. My version uses puff pastry instead of shortbread pastry and to make it even easier I buy a ready made one off the supermarket’s counter. 

For the Tarte Tatin YOU WILL NEED:   1 Puff Pastry (bought at the supermarket)  –  50gr of Butter – 3 TBS of  white Sugar –  6 apples  –  3 TBS of icing sugar – 3 TBS of cinnamon powder 

For the Caramel YOU WILL NEED:   5 large spoonfuls of sugar – the height of a pinkie of water in pan you choose 

PRE HEAT OVEN AT 180 Degrees!! 

1) Spread on the bottom surface of a non- stick baking tin about  50gr softened butter

2) Top it with white sugar until a thin layer of sugar covers it completely.

3) Peel 6 apples, cut them in large pieces and then spread them over the bottom of the tin.



4) Over the apples spread icing sugar and cinnamon and then cover it with the puff pastry

5) Cover it with the puff pastry and carefully puncture the whole surface with a fork

6)  Put it in the heated ventilated oven at 180 Degrees and let it bake for 50 minutes until the surface of the pastry is nice and golden.

7) Capsize it onto a large tray and prepare the caramel

8) Put 5 large spoonfuls of sugar in a pan with a little water over full heat and I watch it carefully without stirring it until it becomes golden brown and it’s ready to be poured onto the surface of the cake and spread on it.


I like to serve it still hot with vanilla ice-cream or double cream. I am sure you’ll enjoy it just like my friends and family always have!

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