Up on the mountain – The sky is the limit

February 8, 2012 § 5 Comments

Was feeling quite adventurous and took my Nikon D300 on top of one of the highest mountains in the Area, the Videmanette. Clad of my 18-200 mm lens I was ready to zoom in and out of the landscape. Arriving on top of the mountain is always a fantastic ride, taking the gondola all the way up from Rougemont always leaves most people in awe, and this is just behind the mountain. Once you are up and see the view from up there hardly anyone can control their jaw from dropping! Its absolutely gorgeous, and no matter how many times I see it, it will always take my breath away.

I strongly recommend it as a half day trip when visiting Gstaad! 

Going up the Videmanette’s steep back

This stretches out all around you, stunning

Gstaad looking super tiny 2000 + meters away

There were so many birds flying around – Alfred Hitchcock came to mind

Me being the photo maniac I am

– 14 degrees and icy wind outfit

The town of Rougemont from above

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§ 5 Responses to Up on the mountain – The sky is the limit

  • Michael Zasa says:

    …the sound track of these beautiful photos could be:
    “I see skies of blue…The bright blessed day…what a wonderful world”
    [Louis Armstrong]
    The Icy wind outfit is…over the top!

  • Patrick Assakul says:

    So this is an interesting option for non-skiiers then? Is there a restaurant at the top? Also, how would this half-day visit compared to going to Glacier 3000 (Les Diablerets)?


    • Olimpia says:

      Hey Patrick!
      This is a great option for non-skiers! there is a restaurant just behind from where I was taking these photos! its not fantastic but will serve a proper ski-food! Compared to the Glacier (which I can’t go up, since I seem to always faint once up) you get the feeling of grandeur without having to go all the way to the next 3 villages. The videmanette is 15 mins car drive from Gstaad! Much faster, I would recommend it for afternoon coffee/tea time!
      Olimpia x

  • Patrick Assakul says:

    Thank you Olimpia… Please pray for a sunny weather in Gstaad next week!

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