GoPro Cam: Adventuring off piste

January 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

The other day even if the weather wasn’t at its best (hardcore rain blizzard + snow) I asked my friend Alex to join me skiing on the Horneggli (Schoneried-Switzerland). The whole day turned out to be an adventure since we decided (well Alex decided, I was reluctant at first but then decided I had nothing to loose) to go off piste: at first we were stuck in a mountain of powder snow, then on the next track ended up dodging pine trees and ending up in a river (yes a river in motion). So apart risking my life and ending up frozen till next spring we had a great time! Thankfully Alex is a great skier and knows how to lead the way, if it was for me I would still be in the forest crying.

My friend lent me his GoPro Camera, which was perfect for yesterdays wet conditions since its waterproof. I have to say its a great gadget for all sport-people out there. You can judge for your self looking at the following photos, I’m personally really impressed, and find the fish-eye view really fun.  Needless to say I wish I could have taken more photos, but I really had to concentrate of flying around. Oh, almost forgot, I did fall face first in a 1 meter 30cm powder snow! Fun!

The GoPro Camera


Lets just say the visibility wasn’t at it’s best 

Olly and Zaf

Bumping into fallen branches, rivers, and whole tree trunks

Untouched snow

Alex ready to hit the runs! 

Olly skiing a couple of weeks back

You really have to try the GoPro Cam!!

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