The Anantara Elephant Camp

January 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the highlights of the Anantara Golden Triangle Hotel was the Baby Elephant camp they share with the Four Seasons Tented Resort nearby. We were able to feed the elephants casts of bananas and watch them as their keepers would instructed them to lie down or bow to us. The youngest of the group was mere 17 months old and we blissfully watched him as he swam and played like a child would with an older pal in the muddy waters of a small nearby  lake.
I cannot tell you the joy that sight brought to my heart! We avoided the ride that was offered to us on the elephant’s back as I recall the motion sickness I had felt years ago in Jaipur when I rode one so I discouraged Olly to do it too! (remember I am a mother hen!)

So here are some photographs to help you picture the scene and also a video.

Elly keeping fit by doing some leg lifts

Olly playing with Elly 

Milly with Elly’s friend – the quantities of Bananas these darlings eat is astounding!

The 17 months old “baby” of the group share a snack before heading into the lake.

Queen Mama gets in there too couldn’t resist the games! 

Milly’s I-Phone Pics

Two friends walking off – Olly & Elli keep getting acquainted 

Using a tree to back-scratch and taking a minute off to relax 

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